Social Media
This page pulls together some of our visual language guidelines that specifically apply to social media.


All social media posts that are part of an NCTSN social media awareness or product campaign always contain our NCTSN landscape logo.
If you have questions about logos, please contact the NCTSN Product Development Team at [email protected].


The primary font for our social media campaigns is Roboto.


The NCTSN selects photos that are inclusive of the diverse populations that we serve. We use images that help to enhance the content and reinforce the core messages of our resources. Photos used may also represent abstract topics and ideas rather than concrete specific examples of activities or events.
If you have questions about the use of photos, please contact the NCCTS Product Development Team at [email protected].


On social media, we use thumbnails to show a graphical preview of content.

Data Visuals

We use the “From the NCTSN Core Data Set” (CDS) Flag on social media posts that contain NCTSN data.